Date of Joining Present Post: 01-09-2012

Address (Off):

NEW DELHI - 110029 .
Telephone (off): 11-26589493
Fax : 011-26588755
Email :
Educational Qualifications:

  • MD (Moscow),U.S.S.R
    Certificate in Health & Family Welfare Management from National Institute of Health & Family Welfare, Munirka and New Delhi.
  • PhD from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi.


Research Experience:
22 years
Membership/Fellowship of Professional Societies/Associations :
  1. Member Indian Academy of Pediatrics
  2. Member National Neonatology Forum
  3. Life Member Indian Association of Preventive and Social Medicine L-2607
  4. Life Member Indian Public Health Association
  5. Life Member Indian Microbicides Society
  6. Life Member of the International Epidemiology Association
Workshops/Conferences/Symposiums :

World Health Organization
WHO data management training workshop for Global Survey on Maternal and Perinatal Health-Asia at Halong Bay Vietnam 2-4th October, 2007.

National Institute of Health, Bethesda.
Visited the Institutes NIMH, NIAID and Fogarty International. Attended first Annual Meeting “Consortium of Universities on Global Health” at NIH Bethesda 14-15 Sept,09

Grantsmanship workshop for junior level & new Investigators organized by NIH-OAR at New Delhi, 23rd Feb, 2008

Attended NIAID, NIH Grants Policy and Management Training held on July 30 – August 1, 2008 in New Delhi.

Brown University, RI 
Brown university-ICMR hands on Training Workshop on HIV prevention research techniques 18th-22nd Feb, 2008 at NARI Pune.

Microbicide Trial Network, Pittsburgh, PA
Visited Microbicide Trial Network’s Headquarters at Magee Women’s Hospital, University of Pittsburgh, 21-22 Sept, 09.

Professional Trainings:
Epidemiology& Research Methodology: 

  1. Attended following courses conducted by the Clinical Epidemiology Unit of All India Institute of Medical; Sciences, New Delhi during 1994-1997. 
    1. Introduction to principles of epidemiology” 1994.
    2. "Diagnostic tests” 
    3. “Multivariate data analysis for clinicians” 
  2. Attended Training in Research Methods in Community Health, 20-24 Nov, 06.
  3. WHO Training workshop on Data Management for Global Survey on Maternal and Perinatal Health – Asia, 2-4 Oct, 2007
  4. Attended a Training Workshop for Data Analysis in EPI Info entitled “ Computers in Medicine” 25-29 Aug,08

Evidence Based Medicine

5. Attended a short course on Systematic Reviews at the Continuing education Department of Oxford University, Oxford, UK during 15th -21st May 2013.

6. Attended the following workshops at the United Kingdom Cochrane center in May-June 2013:
– Conducting Systematic Reviews of Complex Interventions using Experimental Treatments & Quasi Experimental Designs on 22 May.
– Workshop on Social Media Road show on 5th June 2013.
– Advanced Topics in the Analysis & Reporting of Systematic Reviews on 11th June 2013.
7. Attended Protocol Development Workshop for Cochrane Systematic Reviews organized by South Asian Cochrane Network at CMC Vellore, July 24-27, 2007.

8. 2nd South Asian Regional Symposium on Evidence informed Health Care 9th April, 2008 at Christian Medical College, Vellore.

Good Clinical Practices and Biomedical Ethics
9. Attended a workshop on Good Clinical Practices in Biomedical Research and Research Ethics Training organized by Family Health International at Agra in January 2005.

10. Attended a workshop on Ethical Review for protection of human participants involved in research organized by BMS division, ICMR, April 30th, 2006 at New Delhi.

Community care of Newborns:

11. Participated in three Trainings of Trainers in “Home Based Neonatal Care” at “Society for Education & Action Research in Community Health” (SEARCH) Gadchiroli, Maharashrta, during Sept 2003-Aug 2004.

12. Trained as a Trainer for the W.H.O – UNICEF “Integrated Management of Neonatal Childhood Illnesses” (IMNCI) in August 2006 at Safdarjung Hospital New Delhi.

HIV Prevention & Infectious diseases

19. Attended international meeting on Fundamental and Translational research in HIV AIDS: Global Perspectives, 5 -8th Oct, 08 at Mumbai.

20. International Conference & CME update on infectious diseases organized by Safdarjung Hospital, VMMC, Health Protection Agency and BLK Hospital 20-21 Nov, 08, New Delhi.

21. Attended 2nd India Probiotic symposium, 7 - 8th November, 08, New Delhi

22. Attended the annual conference of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics ‘PEDICON ‘2009, 22-24 January 2009 at Bangalore.

23. Attended a Grant Writing Workshop organized by ICMR as Pre-conference Workshop on 20th January 2009 during PEDICON 2009 at Bangalore.

24. Training Workshop on Counseling skills 21-25 Jan, 2008 at National Institute of Health & Family Welfare, New Delhi

15. Presented a paper “Probiotics in prevention of neonatal sepsis” during the 2nd International Conference on Micronutrients in Child Health 3-7th November 2014, AIIMS, New Delhi.

16. Presented a paper “Male Circumcision for HIV prevention in India: Emerging viewpoints, practices of Health Care providers”. Anju Sinha, Nomita Chandhiok, Seema sahay International Conference on Emerging Frontiers and Challenges in Management and Control of STIs and HIV. 28 April 2014, Navi Mumbai, India.

17. Attended the 22nd Cochrane Colloquium, held at Hyderabad, India 21-26 September 2014. Presented a scientific paper “EBM education/training in India: its effect on EBM related publications in Indian medical journals” .

18. Participated in the World Congress on Infectious Diseases at Chennai 18-22 December 2013. Presented a scientific paper “Role of Probiotics in prevention of neonatal sepsis among 0-2 year infants-a randomized controlled trial”. The paper was selected for Award.

19. Attended the 21st Cochrane Colloquium at Quebec City, Canada and presented a scientific paper “Capacity building of Indian authors in conduct of Systematic Reviews. Anju Sinha, Vasantha Thavraj1, Dheeraj Shah2, Sunil Sazawal3, Thambu David4 and Prathap Tharyan4and Malabika Roy1 . 19-23 September, 2013

20. Attended the “50th Annual meeting of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics “PEDICON 2013”, held during 16th -19th January, 2013 in Kolkata. Presented a scientific paper entitled “Effect of probiotics in Prevention of Neonatal Sepsis in LWB infants”. Anju Sinha, Subodh Gupta, Harish Chellani.

21. Attended International Conference “Microbicides 2012” held in Sydney, Australia 15-18 April 2012. Presented a scientific paper entitled “Men who have sex with Men in India: Need for implementing newer prevention technologies. Anju Sinha and Nomita Chandhiok.

22. Attended the 1st Global Congress for Consensus in Pediatrics and Child Health 17-20 February 2011, Paris France Presented a Scientific Paper entitled “Role of Home Visits in reducing Neonatal Mortality Early Indications from an Indian Study” Anju Sinha, Subodh Gupta, Harish Chellani

23. Delivered a talk on “Estimating Disease Burden of Pediatric HIV in ‘A’ Category District in India “at the International Conference on Emerging Frontiers and Challengers in HIV/AIDS Research , organized by NIRRH, Mumbai during 5-8th February 2011. Anju Sinha, Reynold Washington, Vasantha Thavraj

24. Presented a scientific paper at the Microbicides 2010 conference at Pittsburgh, U.S.A. 23-25th May, entitled “Target population for early access to Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis in India” Anju Sinha, Nomita Chandhiok, A.S. Kundu, B.S. Dhillon, ICMR.

25. Presented a scientific paper at the 5th European Congress on Tropical Medicine and International Health, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 25th-28th May 2007, entitled “Predictors of Performance of village level worker trained in Home Based Management of Young Infants.” Anju Sinha, Reeta Rasaily, Shiv Kumar, Malabika Roy N.C. Saxena. 

26. Abstract published in European Journal Tropical Medicine & International Health, volume 12, supplement 1, May 2007.

27. Presented a Poster Paper at the 44th Annual conference of The Indian Academy of Pediatrics in January 2007 (PEDICON 2007) entitled “Improving Survival of Very Low Birth Weight Babies in the Community.” Anju Sinha, Reeta Rasaily, Shiv Kumar, Malabika Roy.

28. Presented a scientific paper entitled “Emerging trends in Paratyphoid fever in India”, Anju Sinha, Sunil Sazawal, Ramesh Sumar, Seema Sood, Dharmendra Kashyap, M.K.Bhan during the annual Conference of Indian Society for Medical Statistics at Vellore, January 2005

29. Presented a Poster at the XXIV Annual conference of NNF at Chandigarh in October 2004 entitled “Modification in ‘Shishu Rakshak’ selection procedure: An advantage for training the right candidate for delivery of intervention in “Home based management of young infant study.” Anju Sinha, Reeta Rasaily, Shiv Kumar, Ajita Rao, N.C. Saxena. 

30. Presented a scientific paper at the annual conference of I.A.P. at Ahmedabad, January 1997 – “Recognition of malnutrition by Mother- a community Based Cross Sectional Survey”Anju Sinha, Sunil Sazawal, M.K.Bhan.

31. Awarded 1st prize at the International Congress of Pediatric Gastroenterology for the best poster in December 1995 entitled “Effect of Zinc supplementation on the incidence of Persistent diarrhea and dysentery - A community based double blind controlled trial” Anju Sinha, Sunil Sazawal, Dharmendra Kashyap, M.K.Bhan. Published in Journal of Nutrition.

32. Presented a Scientific paper in the 32 nd National Conference of I.A.P. at Indore in December 1994. “Efficacy of Nalidixic Acid in Management of Persistent Diarrhoea, A Double Blind Randomised Trial”, Anju Sinha, Sunil Sazawal, M. K. Bhan. Abstracted in Indian Paediatrics

33. Effect of Zinc Supplement on Pneumonia Morbidity among low socio-economic, Preschool Children in India. A Sinha, S. Sazawal, R E Back, S. Jalla, S Mauzumdar, M K Bhan. The FASEB Journal Vol10, No, 3, Abstract No, 2887, pages A1 to 1957.

34. Prevalence and descriptive epidemiology of zinc deficiency in children in an urban slum population. Mazumdar S, Dhingara P, Sazawal S, Sinha A, Julia S, Bhan M K. Nutrition Society of India XXVII annual meeting, Bombay 1995.

35. Effect of Zinc Supplementation on Anemia and Vitamin A Status in Children. S. Jalla, S. Sazawal, R.E. Black, S. Mazumdar, A. Sinha and M.K. Bhan The FASEB (Annual Meeting).


1. Recipient of the Aubrey Sheiham Public Health and Primary Care Scholarship Award for 2013, United Kingdom Cochrane Center. 
2. Recipient of Fogarty International Fellowship on AIDS International Training & Research Program (AITRP) at Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, U.S.A, during July- Sept, 09.
3. World Conference on Infectious Diseases (WCID-2013) awarded the paper “Prevention of Neonatal Sepsis in LBW Infants with Probiotics intervention” as best paper.
4. Scholarship (Travel Grant) to attend Microbicides 2010 conference at Pittsburgh 2010
5. Scholarship (Travel Grant) to attend Microbicides 2012 conference at Sydney Australia.
6. Recipient of 3ie Bursary award to attend the Cochrane Colloquium at Quebec, Canada September 2013.

Served the World Health Organization – Government of India’s National Polio Surveillance Project as Surveillance Medical Officer durinh 2000-2003 in Koderma and Nawada in Bihar, and Aligarh and Hathras, in Uttar Pradesh,. During my tenure as SMO I was deputed to participate in Mop Up rounds in Azamgarh, Pilibhit, Moradabad, Munger and Nalanda districts.

Oct1995-July2000 Senior Research Officer, Division of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Enteric Infection, Department of Pediatrics, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, (AIIMS) New Delhi. coordinated large scale community based research projects on Vitamin A, Zinc and Typhoid fever, funded by WHO, NIH and DBT. She served the World Health Organization – Government of India’s National Polio Surveillance Projectas Surveillance Medical officer in Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh.
At the Council she has coordinated task force studies on neonatal health, child nutrition, Infectious diseases, & HIV prevention. She has initiated new programs in Evidence Based Medicine, Childhood Injuries, Role of probiotics in Women’s and Child health, Social determinants of Children in difficult circumstances, interventions for prevention of prematurity. Her research interests include Epidemiology of Childhood infections including paediatric HIV and Evidence Based Medicine. 
At present coordinating the following Task Force research projects at ICMR

1. Effect of Mode of Delivery of Iron and/or Iron and Zinc Supplement on Iron Status Markers and Potential Markers of Iron Toxicity in Children aged 24-36 months (completed)

2. Effect of Probiotics VSL#3 on prevention of sepsis in LBW infants during 0-2 month period: A Randomized Controlled trial (completed). A second larger trial is to be initiated for confirmation of findings.

3. An ICMR Task Force project entitled “Estimating the disease burden of Pediatric HIV (Ongoing)

4. An ICMR Task Force Multisite study on Descriptive Epidemiology of Childhood Injuries: risk factors and prevention modalities.(to be initiated)

5. Hindi Translation of a Book on EBM “ Testing Treatments: Better Research for better Healthcare, & creation of an interactive website in Hindi (TTi) (to be initiated)

6. Acceptability of Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) as HIV prevention technology among Men who have sex with Men in India: a multisite qualitative study.(to be initiated)

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